Dress Regret!

Sorry for the scare, but I definitely don’t have dress regret. Which is surprising because this is the biggest concern I had with having to pick a dress nine months out from the date I would finally get to wear it.

Confession time.

I am a bulimic shopper. Yes. It’s true. I buy clothes and return them. I seem to always regret the clothing purchases I make and decide mere days later that the purchase was not worth it.

I knew that when I picked my wedding dress I would have to pick something that I was 100% head-over-heels for because I couldn’t risk getting a dress that would “just do” and then deciding a few months down the line that it wasn’t as great as I thought it was. There is actually a very common term for this condition that many soon-to-be-brides become afflicted with: Dress Regret.

I was determined not to get dress regret and surely did not think I would come down with this condition after spending thousands on my wedding dress… but I still think I have another problem.

It’s practically impossible to stop looking at and drooling over pretty white dresses. I know I should stop because it’s a recipe for disaster looking at dresses that I might fall in love with and want to buy… and that’s not going to happen because I could barely afford the first budget-buster!

But I just can’t help myself. Take, for instance, this dress by Monique Lhuillier…. sooo pretty and enticing! This dress was at the shop I purchased my dress at but I didn’t even think to try it on because I had my eye on lace, something slimming, and nothing too heavy.

Then there’s this second one by Alvina Valenta… also dreamy, but not what I had in mind. But wish I could just slip into this lovely number and see it on me.

Sometimes I still question myself and wonder if I made the right choice in choosing a simple lace gown or if I should have chosen a grand wedding dress such as these that would have caught everyone’s eye. After all, how many times in your life do you get to wear a huge white puffy gown? Ultimately, I decided that a simple, classic lace number would be something I would not regret ten or twenty years later, but I think I just miss playing dress-up and want to go back and at least take pictures in all the dresses I didn’t get to pick.

Or, who knows, maybe I am showing the first signs of dress regret and am in denial about it?

Okay. So I know I’m not having dress regret because it’s almost orgasmic every time I see my dress in pictures! I can’t wait for it to get here. But gosh, it feels so guilty thinking of other dresses in the meantime!

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