Midtown Moving Day!!!

We can now officially say that our house hunting adventure is complete! This weekend we moved into our new home and we have been over-the-moon excited that this time has finally come! I’ve been keeping final pics of the house a surprise, so stay tuned to see how all our selections turned out!

Super cute moving sign they set out for us!

Roxie and Banana apparently thought we were going to leave them behind during the move. They kept trying to jump into the front of our moving truck and definitely couldn’t make it!

Definitely not my style of chaos. I couldn’t wait to put all of this away!

Having a two-story home with dachshunds is a new challenge for us since our pups shouldn’t be running up and down the stairs with their bad backs. We tried blocking the stairs during the move and these two trouble makers thought this makeshift blockade was a new bed for them!

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