Kaua’i Day 7: Queen’s Bath

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Spoiler alert: Day 7 wasn’t exactly too exciting of a day. It ended up being one of those days where we just threw a bunch of short, random activities together that, by themselves, couldn’t fill a full day. As such, it seems more fitting to summarize this day in one of my favorite ways, a list! So here it goes!

6:50 am – Wake up early to watch the sunrise clouds.

10:00 am – We take a short trip down to the end of the road on the north side to get a look at some caves.

10:05 am – I attempt to climb some vines near the caves.

10:06 am – I fail to climb higher than 2 feet on the vines before smiling for a photo and giving up.

10:45 am – We drive to see the touristy Hanalei Valley Overlook — a famous overlook that gives an amazing view of the taro fields below.

11:05 am – We start a short 10 minute, muddy hike to visit Queen’s Bath – a touristy spot on the North Shore that is basically a clear blue, relaxing swimming pool surrounded by lava rock… except in the winter, when the crazy tides can suddenly sweep a person out to sea!

11:45 am – After wandering around the lava rock cliffs for quite some time and not being too amazed at the sight that seems to be Queen’s Bath, we stumble further west and find the actual Queen’s Bath…oops! We just hadn’t walked far enough.

12:30 pm – We decide we need food… and more importantly, some cocktails! We hit up a popular restaurant nearby called The Dolphin… and wait an unexpectedly long time

1:35 pm – Cocktails in hand… finally

2:15 pm – We pick up some fresh fish at the local fish market next to the restaurant

3:20 pm – We relax at Tunnels Beach and I drink waaaay too many Mai Tais

4:05 pm – Dress up my pineapple friend and call him Piney

6:20 pm – Sunset!


Top: An early A.M. walking along the beach. Below: Every morning we would find these strange holes in the sand. It wasn’t until a few days into our trip that we realized there were from tiny crabs that dug them overnight. They were almost impossible to spot because they stayed hiding in their homes.


Maniniholo Dry Cave and Waikanaloa and Waikapalae Wet Caves


Hanalei Valley Overlook — classic view of the Kauai taro fields


Hike to Queen’s Bath


Queen’s Bath (bottom right) and other picturesque spots along the lava-rock shore


Getting drinks at The Dolphin Restaurant and fresh fish from The Dolphin Fish Market


Relaxing on Tunnels Beach… with Piney


Sunset on Tunnels Beach

Up next: We take an all-day boat tour along the Na Pali Coast.

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