Maui & Kauai Day 3: A lazy day

Saturday, August 12, 2017

I’m a’gunna just breeze right through day 3 of our trip because it was frankly, pretty darn boring in terms of activities. We got up late. Drank mimosas. Saw a rainbow. Wasted over an hour driving to the airport to pick up my brother in heavy traffic. Ate lunch a place called Da Kitchen that literally gave us each an entire MOUND of food we couldn’t possibly eat in one sitting (wish I had taken a picture, but I only took a picture of the Fried Spam Musubi we ordered for an appetizer — yes, that’s a thing!). Spent over an hour in traffic again driving back to Lahaina. Stopped to get Lappert’s Ice Cream in Lahaina and walked along the pier and shops. Admired the pretty views from our condo lanai. Drank a margarita/beer. Went snorkeling. Drank another margarita/beer. Watched the sunset.  Drank another margarita/beer. The end.

Next up: We actually do something really fun!

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