A White, Camping Christmas

It’s currently springtime in Denver, but we just had one of our usual (and surely not last) spring snow storms, so what better time to have a quick flashback to our snowy white Christmas camping adventure.

We knew our Christmas would look a bit different this past year, given that there was a worldwide pandemic going on, but by Christmas Eve, we still didn’t know what our Christmas would look like! Hubby and I were only one drink into our early afternoon holiday happy hour when we suddenly had a wild idea to seek out a quiet and white Christmas by camping in the woods. We have only ever camped in the snow together once before while living in New Mexico and it wasn’t ideal, but then again, what’s ideal about sleeping outside to begin with?! The idea required very little deliberation…we were both on board and packed within an hour!

We didn’t go far outside of town because we left late in the afternoon and we were already chasing daylight. We also knew that the biggest challenge wasn’t going to be the cold weather, but finding a campsite that was accessible with snow on the ground, so we had to save plenty of time to find a suitable spot.

After about an hour of searching and getting turned around by trails that were too buried in snow, we eventually found a spot that would do for the night! Hubby started our handy propane fire pit right away while I decorated a Charlie Brown-esque Christmas tree, both of which would help make our holiday in the woods feel festive and cozy!

It wasn’t a warm Christmas. It wasn’t a family-filled Christmas. It was barely even a white Christmas. But it was darn well a very merry and memorable camping Christmas! Maybe we’ll make it a new tradition!

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