This year has been in-tents!

The blog has not seen any action for the last several months and it’s certainly not for lack of adventure in our lives. Pie and I actually had very little spare time this past summer where we weren’t far away from a computer and adventure-seeking on four wheels or sheltered underneath a thin, dome-shaped piece of polyester fabric on top of a cold ground in the mountains of Colorado.

We camped an impressive 14 times this past season, so it goes without saying that our camping tent has become our home sweet home away from home. Many of our close friends and family have probably begun to wonder why the heck we are so obsessed with camping. And we agree that it seems silly to transport all of our essential belongings, food, and beloved pets several hundred miles into the wilderness just to sleep on a cold, hard ground for the night, but there is something about the scenic journey and the acquisition of special memories in nature that makes it all worth the extra effort of not sleeping in the same, comfy bed for the night.

Pie and I have clearly acquired a record amount of memories this year, but camping is nothing new for us. In fact, our very first trip together within a month of starting to date was a camping trip in Utah, which also happened to be the first time I met his dad and sister.

A young Em & Pie, back in April 2011, for our very first camping trip together within a month of dating. Don’t ask me why hubby’s ankle looks broken.

Less than a month after that, when the weather in New Mexico started to thaw, we went camping on our own (with our three dogs in tow) for the first time by ourselves. And now, over ten years later, we have logged 73 camping trips together!

Our first camping trip to ourselves (plus three dogs) in Jemez Springs, New Mexico.

Nowadays, we don’t even need to plan ahead and discuss whether we’ll be spending the night in our comfy bed or in a tent; it’s just a given that when the calendar is clear, you can find us seeking shelter underneath the clear sky, so prepare yourselves for an intense photobomb recap of our season of camping and adventuring!

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