Iceland Ring Road Day 8 – A long drive on the Westfjords

Much like our previous day on Iceland’s Ring Road, on the eighth day, our itinerary was based solely on the campsite we wanted to get to by the end of the day. If there happened to be interesting sights along the way, we would stop for them.

The campground we were determined to get to was situated right in front of a lush and partly forested mountain with an incredible waterfall cascading down it, but was a whopping six hours away! Just like all the other days, hubby was stuck doing all the driving because he had rented a vehicle that was manual transmission, which I couldn’t drive. Thank goodness he actually didn’t mind doing all the driving. Back in Colorado, our weekend adventures can often lead to an entire day of driving, so hubby was up for the challenge of a long drive on the Westfjords of Iceland to get to the Tunguskogur campground.

We ended up only making two stops this day (one for lunch and one for a gorgeous, moody view into a fjord). Nothing else seemed too intriguing along the way that would be a quick stop.

The Westfjords were absolutely breathtaking and the moody weather helped set the scene for our drive, but soon after starting our drive on the winding road that zig-zagged in and out the deep inlets, we were kind of over it. Once you’ve seen one fjord, it feels like you’ve seen them all! Some of the sections of road are also unpaved and bumpy, so it was painfully slow-going at times!

Many of the fjords had staggeringly tall waterfalls cascading down the gently sloped, green cliffs that we would admire from the opposite side of the inlet for what seemed like forever. We would wait in eager anticipation of finally reaching the waterfall up close, only to pass by it in the briefest moment and not even really get to see it up close, since it was so tall above and right beside us and disappeared under the road below us.

It is hard to believe that some tourists make a whole week’s itinerary out of visiting the region. There is a general consensus that the recommended amount of time for spending in the Westfjords is a minimum of three days and even that seems like it would be pushing it. Admittedly, I had not done much research on the Westfjords and only had one sight planned for our trip in the region, but the two days we spent driving through seemed like plenty to us!

After seeing countless fjords and waterfalls, we eventually reached our campground! This campground ended up tying for our most favorite campground in Iceland along with the Þakgil camp we had stayed at on the second night.

By the end of our trip, we had finally gotten the hang of how to find good campsites and it was simply by Googling them! While hubby drove, I read endless Google reviews and looked through dozens of photos to find the best and most scenic campsites in the area we were headed. Some of the campsites were relatively plain and boring and it was important to us that our campsite try to be a charming destination because we knew we would be spending several hours at the place in the evening and morning.

It had been drizzling all day on our drive of the Westfjords, so it wasn’t a surprise that soon after we arrived at the Tunguskogur campground, it began pouring and never let up! We were still happy campers though!

For the first time on our trip, we were forced to use a campground kitchen, but after we cooked our dinner, we quickly retreated to our vehicle and enjoyed the sounds of the rain outside.

Eventually it had rained so much that a second waterfall appeared on the mountainside beside the existing waterfall. We could not have asked for a more gorgeous place to call home for the night!

The next day, we would get to see the one sight we had planned in the Westfjords and it was definitely worth the long, winding drive!

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