2022: You had to be there!

Having a 4-pack Sausage Squad did not stop us this year from doing the outdoorsy adventures we love to do. In fact, our weenie crew’s short stature is probably the perfect reminder that life, too, is short and we should get out and see as much as we can of our beautiful surroundings!

Pie and I continue to enjoy working from home for most days of the week and without this new privilege brought on by the pandemic, we would probably not have even been able to get a new puppy. Pre-pandemic, we used to be gone almost 12 hours a day from our home!

While we don’t miss those old days of being away from our dogs and home all day, working from home means that some days, we don’t even leave the confines of the four walls that surround us unless we make a concerted effort to do. As such, we look forward to the many weekend opportunities where when we can stop looking down at the screens in front of us and look up at the beautiful scenery we travel all around Colorado to explore with our Sausage Squad in tow!

This year, we really lucked out finding some amazing camping spots, all thanks to hubby and his endless hours of driving and unlimited patience in order to find me and the Sausage Squad the perfect campsite! Over the years, our expectations of a “good” campsite have gone from reasonable to out of control, and now with two curious, roaming puppies and two clueless, senior dogs, not only do we have to find a campsite with a perfect view, but it also has to be puppy- and granny-dog-proof.

If these campsites don’t convince you that a scenic view to fall asleep and wake up to is better than a comfy mattress at home, well then, nothing well! Here are our top 10 favorite camping spots from 2022, along with the remaining honorable mentions.

1 :: Seasons Collide near Telluride

2 :: Paradise near Crested Butte

3 :: Heavenly Wildflower Fields near Lake City

4 :: Jagged Peaks near Gunnison

5 :: Waterfalls and Wildflowers near Crested Butte

6 :: Waterfalls Galore near Silverton

7 :: Snow-Topped Mountain Peaks near Silverton

8 :: Aspens Overlook near Silverton

9 :: More Aspens and More Jagged Peaks near Gunnison

10 >> Windy Plateau Views near Moab

::Honorable Mentions::

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