Backpacking on Hawaii’s Muliwai Trail

On the fifth day of our Big Island trip, we could finally do our much-anticipated backpacking trip from Waipi’o Valley to Waimanu Valley on the Muliwai Trail! I feel guilty admitting that after we booked our Hawaii trip in April, … Continue reading

4 Days in Kona, Hawaii

Work has been busy, busy, busy this year for hubby and me! We both still work for the same companies we got jobs with nearly six years ago when we moved to Denver. Hubby works for an engineering company in … Continue reading

Bikini-ready for the Big Island!

Hubby mostly leaves the vacation planning up to me because he knows I like to research the mother lovin’ heck out of the places we visit in order to make a decision and his style of “planning” is more of … Continue reading

Utah Rocks… literally!

There are two holidays we loathe in our neighborhood: New Year’s Eve and Independence Day. One could guess fairly quickly that the thing these two holidays have in common is the noisy and annoying fireworks. Perhaps the illegal firework popping … Continue reading

Belated Birthday Trip to Breck

While I usually start hinting to hubby about making plans for a trip for my birthday several months ahead of time, hubby is the exact opposite with his birthday. In fact, I often find that I am pestering him if/when/where … Continue reading

2 Days in Copenhagen

Hubby and I were exhausted after hiking and exploring nonstop for 11 days in Iceland and the Faroe Islands, but we still had four full days left in our two-week vacay! Hubby had found a cheap non-stop flight from Paris … Continue reading

5 Days in the Faroe Islands

After spending six days in Iceland, we were looking forward to our next destination, a tiny set of remote islands owned by Denmark and located in the Atlantic Ocean halfway between Iceland and Norway. When our short, 80-minute flight arrived … Continue reading

6 Days in Iceland

Before visiting Iceland, I had envisioned grey, foggy landscapes with volcanic rock covered in snow year-round and engraved with hot springs. While Iceland is famous for its hot springs and is indeed a sparsely populated country, its landscape is actually … Continue reading