Bikini-Ready…or just Bike-Ready

During the wintertime, Pie and I decided it would be such a great idea to sign up for the Coldwell Banker Denver Century Bike Ride that would take place in mid-June. We had done this same race two summers ago and it wasn’t all that bad as we thought it would be, so we thought it would be something fun to start the summer off with. We also figured we’d have plenty of time to train once winter was over and it would motivate us to get on our bikes more often than just for our usual bike commutes to work.

In the meantime, we had not only planned a trip to Hawaii that I needed to be bikini-ready for, but also a trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico a week after the race, so we were more than ready to get on our bikes and in tip-top shape!

Unfortunately, we forgot that despite the fact that the calendars exclaim “Spring has arrived!”, this kind of stuff happens in Colorado every freaking time afterwards…

denver spring snow day 2016

Blizzard in Denver on March 23, 2016

Pie took the opportunity to have a little fun in our Springtime snow, but we definitely weren’t putting in any long training rides in this kind of weather. Training would have to wait!

denver spring snow bike

Hubby playing in the crunchy, melting snow the afternoon of the blizzard on March 23, 2016.

We waited weeks and weeks after the arrival of Spring for decent weather to arrive so we could get in a few long rides, but without fail, bad weather would arrive just in time for each weekend.

spring snow denver

Snow day in Denver on April 17, 2016.

Finally in May, decent weather had arrived and we began cramming in some worthy weekend rides with less than two months left till race day.

  • May 8 – 54 miles to Boulder and back on the new bikeway that runs along US-36
  • May 15 – 45 miles to Lookout Mountain and back on the Clear Creek Trail, with 3000 ft elevation gain
  • May 22 – 70 miles to Fox Hollow Golf Course near Morrison along the South Platte River and Bear Creek Trails (hubby had to drop out of this bike ride after 10 miles due to bike issues)
  • May 29 – 74 miles to Lookout Mountain on the Clear Creek Trail again, but this time we took the long way back by taking a jaunt south to Morrison and back along the Bear Creek and South Platte River Trails; 3500 ft elevation gain
bike 1

Boulder ride

bike 2

Lookout Mountain ride #1

bike 3

Bear Creek/South Platte Trails ride

bike 4

Lookout Mountain / Bear Creek Trail ride #2

I decided that these rides were small potatoes next to the race day ride we were set to do, which we found out was supposed to be a different, more challenging route this year with 6000+ ft elevation gain. So we stepped up our game with some final rides in the mountains!

  • June 5 – 38 miles from the YMCA in Estes Park (7600 ft elevation) to Allenspark (9200 ft elevation) with a total elevation gain of 3900 ft. P.S. – We did a teaser 2-mile ride the day before up a giant hill in the YMCA park; hubby had no idea what kind of hill I was taking him up, so he brought his beer along that he was in the middle of drinking…because that’s how we roll.
  • June 12 – 25 miles along Squaw Pass from Evergreen to Echo Lake with a whopping elevation gain of 5000 ft (I didn’t finish the downhill portion of this ride with Hubby due to really cold rain on our way back; Hubby finished the ride with a total of 35 miles and had to drive back up the mountain to get me!)
bike 5

Estes Park ride

bike 6

Squaw Pass ride

And finally we were ready for our century bike ride on June 18th… except one thing! We had prepared for the long distance of 100 miles and we had prepared for the ridiculous elevation gain of 6000+ ft, but we had not prepared ourselves for weather that was going to be close to 100 degrees and completely sunny. Most of our rides had been cloudy or even in cold rain, but never in scorching sun.

Fortunately, we ended up surviving our Denver century bike ride just fine and we had been worried for nothing!

I ended up not being as bikini-ready as I would have liked for our upcoming Mexico vacay, but at least we were both bike-ready for our race!

bike 6



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