Kaua’i Day 11: Goodbye HI… and Piney!

Monday, February 22, 2016

I had been stalking the weather forecast daily and hourly all week long during our Kauai vacay and it was just our luck that Monday (our last day) was predicted to be nothing but perfect sunshine. You’ve got. To be kidding me.

We did indeed wake up to sunshine on Monday… but also surf and wind that was much worse than the day before. Although I lamented at the fact that the weather had been horrible for the majority of our trip, seeing that the weather was not perfect this day was surprisingly a relief.

kauai day 11-1

You see, I had thought it was such a brilliant idea that we book a late flight out of Hawaii instead of a morning flight, that way we could have a full day to enjoy more activities. What I didn’t realize, was that we wouldn’t be able to do anything too exciting, like hiking or swimming, since we had no way of taking a shower before our 11 pm flight. With the news of bad surf on our last day, at least I knew we weren’t missing out on perfect snorkeling water.

We visited a bunch of touristy things like a wildlife refuge (that seemed to have no wildlife) and a bunch of waterfalls that could be driven to. We ate tacos. We saw more chickens. We went to Lappert’s Ice Cream for the billionth time (and even my hubby, who hates ice cream, reluctantly tried a tiny taster spoon of mini peanut butter cup ‘n fudge). And we saw a Hawaiian Monk Seak resting on the beach.

kauai day 11-2

kauai day 11-3

kauai day 11-4

kauai day 11-5

kauai day 11-7

kauai day 11-6

Our last day in Kauai may have been somewhat uneventful, but we did have one important thing to take care of.

On our first day in Kauai, hubby’s first order of business was getting our rental property stocked up with food. I was still exhausted from the early flight, so hubby decided to go alone to the small grocery store a few miles down the road. Big mistake. When he came back, not only did it seem like he had bought enough groceries for a month, but he also had gotten one random item — a pineapple. Just as hubby doesn’t like ice cream, I am not crazy about fruit, so I questioned why he decided to get an entire pineapple that he would have to eat all on his own. He explained that it was only a dollar. Okay fine.

Fast forward to day seven when hubby still hadn’t eaten this pineapple and I’m taking a liking to it by dressing it up in sunglasses, sharing Mai Tai’s with it on the beach, and giving it a name — Piney.

Each day I bonded with Piney more and more. We went on almost all of our car trips with Piney (which might be why hubby wasn’t so enthusiastic about eating him later when he became a bit bruised and mushy) and I started to feel sad knowing that our trip would inevitably end and I would have to say goodbye to Piney. (Yes, I’m like a 2-year-old that thinks a pineapple has feelings.)

Fast forward again to day ten when hubby insists he is going to eat Piney before we leave the next day. I am practically in tears telling hubby that he needs to eat Piney because I just can’t fathom the thought of merely throwing him in the garbage.

And then finally, fast forward to day 11 when we are leaving the rental property and my husband still has not eaten Piney. I couldn’t even put into words how embarrassingly sad I was that day….not because we were leaving Kauai, but because we were going to have to leave Piney in a garbage can to rot!

We took Piney out for dinner for our last meal with him. “Table for three please!” We took our last selfie together and shared one last drink. Then it finally occurred to me what we could do with Piney so he wouldn’t go to waste! We would feed him to the birds…literally! So we awkwardly asked our server for a sharp knife and that was that. We laid Piney to rest on a beach while we watched the sunset and said one last goodbye to Kauai. RIP Piney. Aloha Kauai!

kauai day 11-8

kauai day 11-9

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