Our Denver-themed Guest Room

We took a few months off from house projects during the Winter, but come this last Spring, it was “go” time again! We started off with something easy — our guest room!

We had some guests coming to stay with us in April and this room just seemed so “blah”! It didn’t take much to spruce it up and make it look more special for out-of-town guests. This was the blah room BEFORE:


And the AFTER:



We replaced our one blah pillow with some bright and festive pillows from Target (pillows are always the hardest things to pick out and find just the perfect ones… amiright?), added a soft, fluffy white throw from Target, added an illustrated map print of Denver neighborhoods that we purchased from our local West Elm, painted and hung a custom cursive wood lettering from The Duo Studio, hung up some local pics of Denver with a few clipboard frames from Target, and we were all set!

In addition to the wonderful decor in our guest room, guests also have a wonderful view outside their room with the giant window in the corner of the room. Guests used to be treated to a wonderful view of downtown Denver out this window, but now that construction has take place in the neighborhoods around us, that view is lost. Nonetheless, it’s still a fun view with lots of sunshine flooding into the room!


Although less exciting, we also added a few extra touches to the guest bathroom so it felt a little more posh. Most importantly, we finally got around to adding light sconces above the sinks so there weren’t just awkward light bulbs sticking out of the mirror.



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