His and Hers DIY Projects

I thought that I might disappear from the blogging world for a while since it felt like hubby and I had exhausted ourselves of DIY home projects and decorating…. but what was I thinking? We’ll probably never be done with home projects! Oh, the joys of home ownership!!

But in all seriousness, I don’t mean it to sound like such a drag that we have so much to do. We are so grateful for our new home and it is a joy to own our own home! It has been fun seeing our house evolve from the blank slate it once was to the decorated canvas that is now a direct reflection of us, our hard work, and our my yearning to have the cutest decorated home ever!

Hubby has been oh-so-busy with a million projects for which I can barely take credit for. We finally started ordering and installing some of the lighting for our home, including the stairway sconces, a pendant above the dining room table, and a pendant above the kitchen island. Hubby loves his music and has also been busy installing speakers both in and outside our home. We also ordered and installed a retractable baby gate to keep the dachshunds from going up and down the stairs constantly — they like to follow us around every where we go in the house, but our 2-story home is not good for their fragile backs. And lastly, hubby did lots of research on in-wall dog doors and we took the plunge to order an expensive, but really good weather-proof one, which hubby installed all on his own.

I have literally been sitting around while hubby does all of these crazy projects on his own…. but for good reason, I swear! Nearly a year ago I decided to take on an endeavor that I now somewhat regret — I decided to finish up grad school! But because I literally have the focus of a 2-year old, I have distracted myself with a few small craft projects in between endless hours staring at the computer in an attempt to write a 50-page paper. Sucks, I know. So anyway, that’s what we’ve been up to!

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